About us


INSYSS R&C; provides services on Architecture, Analysis and Development for systems, hardware (HW), software (SW), networks and mechanics and has deep and wide background on the majority of the systems types such as:

• Traditional Systems
• System-of-Systems
• Cyber-Physical Systems
• Control Systems
• Sensor Network Systems
• Autonomous Systems

We provide services based on optimal system operation, adaptability, expandability, managability, reduction of complexity, safety and security.

Using methodologies tailored to the needs of each client, our services, result in reliable and efficient solutions even among heterogenous systems. Based on each system's autonomy and ability to function impartially we set the minimum baseline for each case.


Research and Development services offered usually include critical and complex System-of-Systems and Cyber-Physical systems private or funded by federal, national or international entities. The company has research & development experience and specializes on:

 • Aerospace Systems
 • Critical Systems and Application
 • Modeling and Simulation
 • Software and Hardware prototyping
 • Sensors and Robotics

 • Propulsion & Aerodynamics

We provide services related to research and development on engineering, documentation, proposal preparation and consulting. We also offer technical management and support for projects, state-of-the-art analysis for technology products, prototyping, feasibility studies as well as advanced modeling and simulation.

The company closely follows developments in innovation and technology, providing customers with high quality services for projects, promoting research continuity, scientific synergies and collaborations from both academia and the industry.


The company offers Security and Safety related services, regarding software, hardware and mechanics for mission critical applications. Covering a broad range of services we offer:


• Policies and Governance
• Management and Planning
• Cyber-Security


• Risk Analysis and Management
• Auditing and Assessment
• Regulatory Compliance and Certification
• Investigation and Case Studies

Services are provided inline with current standards and regulatory frameworks to ensure that security or safety measures are deployed effectively maintaining the necessary levels of reliability for the systems.Our approach aims at eliminating uncertainties and enhancing security or safety situational awareness on dynamic system operations and improving confidentiality, privacy, resilience and survivability.

For safety-critical systems and applications we also provide software and hardware certification roadmap development and implementation services, as well as impact analysis of inherent or well-known indirect risks such as security-impacts-on-safety.


Offering services on systems assurance we resource, implement, and manage quality to enable effective monitoring of optimal system performance and adequate feedback for audit and assessment procedures. We support clients to create directives and plans that establish quality standards, and tools for effectively conducting:

• Analysis
• Assessments
• Reviews
• Metrics